Shouldn’t traveling be fun? … and shouldn’t travel planning be just as fun?

My first rule, planning should be 1/2 the fun. If you are anything me, traveling is enjoyable but household budgets often take priority, therefore making traveling not possible. Let’s face it… traveling is expensive and the first step of traveling is the planning. I feel as though most people have an idea or desire and start the research process. During the research process, you may be looking at a destination, events, hotels, airfare, etc., and you may be discouraged by the first glance cost and just give up.

Well, let me provide you with some insight on how I travel on a limited budget.

For example, my trip to London, England in January of 2017 with my boyfriend and college roommate (that is three people in total)… airfare (round trip) and a hotel was only $1,302 in total (that’s $434 per person! – picture below)


me (center), my boyfriend (right), my college roommate (left)

Read my blog to gain insight as to how this is possible. I don’t make money directly (or at all) from this blog and I don’t “advertise”, so I feel as though my blog offers something different from that of other travel blogs. I want to encourage people of all ages to travel and explore the world. It’s a big small world and you just have to get there.

PS – I’m new to blogging… so bear with me while I figure this thing out (e.g., spelling, grammar, making sense) 😉


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