Frequent Flyer Programs and Partnerships

Here is a very rough sketch of airlines and the respected frequent flyer program they offer.

Did you miss my introduction post on airline alliances and frequent flyer programs?

The most important part of this is the fact that I have added (in the 4th section of the list), the partner airlines (or alliance) that you can fly yet earn miles for the respected airline (one that you may prefer). This is a great trick for earning miles for one program. You are able to fly a different airline AND earn miles for a program that you favor. consolidate miles and allow you to save miles faster to use for free flights.

Consolidating miles into one program allows anyone to save faster and not earn miles for a program that you may never use or may expire.


First- The Airline Alliance if you are attached or are loyal to one airline say you want to collect as MANY Airpoints with Air New Sealand, the

Second- The Individual Airline

Third- The Individual Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Forth- The alternative airlines that you can fly and be rewarded with another airlines rewards.

*Some of these may not be 100% accurate as code shares, partnerships and what not can change at any time. Also, this is NOT a full list of airlines and frequent flyer programs… to make this would take weeks 😉


Hope this helps!


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