One of my least favorite part of traveling is the added expense of getting to and from the airport. For you, maybe you want to take a day trip to New York while you are visiting Boston for the week? How on earth are you going to get from point A to B, without purchasing another plane ticket or renting an expensive car? By far the best deals offered on ground transportation! Looking to spend just $1 on a bus ticket… this is for sure the website for you!


By far the best deals for ground transportation are through MEGABUS! Get this… $1 bus tickets… that’s right ONE DOLLAR! It’s honestly unreal how cheap these tickets offered through Megabus can be. To be honest, I’m not 1009% sure how they are able to offer these at $1 ( I assume the bus providers allow them a number of tickets they can sell at specific percentages off… but who cares when the ticket can be $1!). Do keep in mind that there are only a SMALL number, sometimes only 1 ticket that is available for $1 but if those tickets are gone, there are often tickets for sale at several different price points.

In order to get the best price, book as soon as you know where you are going, or as soon as tickets are available for sale on Megabus. Sometimes they offer tickets only 6 weeks before the departure date but some routes offered much farther in advance purchase dates. They resell tickets in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, and France.

Their website may look sketchy but they are a real company. AND, they take American Express, which personally is a huge plus!

Now, their service is limited to major cities and must abide by the rules set by the bus operators they are reselling for, but I have used Megabus many times and have never faced an issue.

There is a neat site called Wanderu that has several additional partners (including Megabus) AND Wanderu can reseller for Megabus. So you can actually use this site right from the start in order to find those Megabus $1 tickets. Never used it myself but I figure I would put this out there. If anyone uses it, please comment below!



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