Tracking Trends and Tariffs: Airline Tickets

A few years ago, while listening to NRP, I discovered a weekly segment devoted to educating people on useful tools that you can use to make everyday life better. This was the same segment where I learned about grammarly… one of my favorite “spell check” tools. One of my favorite tools that I learned about from the NPR segment was Hopper (You can read the full article on NRP here). Hopper is a mobile application for iOS and Android that tracks ticket prices for each day of the year for several major airlines.


It’s quite simple… and here is an example of how to find the best flight prices for BOS to LAX.

  1. You simply input the location you want to depart from and travel to.
  2. Hopper will search its databases
  3. Using historical prices, trends and current prices that are publicly available, Hopper provides you with a summary via a calendar on what days are best to fly on and how many days before your flight that you should purchase a ticket.

This is a great app for finding the best day to fly to a specific location. The next helpful tool within Hopper is the ability to advise on the time frame for purchase in order to get the lowest price. Sometimes ticket prices go up as demand increases or prices decrease as they need to start filling empty seats…Hopper does this hard work for you! However, do keep in mind that several airlines like Southwest and Frontier may not be listed in Hopper or they may not have access to these airlines databases as their flight databases and information are not often made available for 3rd party purposes. So it would be best to check those airlines separately.

Another useful tool to use in Hopper is the “Watch” flight tool.  Hopper will alert you when prices fall or rise and when Hopper predicts that prices will fall or rise. This is super useful when you are trying to save up money for a flight but don’t want to risk prices rising too much. This makes for a very useful budgeting tool.

You may download the application from their website or from the app store:


Happy Travels



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