Crowd Source Review Apps


There are a gazillion apps out there! Choosing the one that is best for your individual needs can often prove to be a difficult task. In the world of traveling it can be even more difficult as there are well over 1,000 apps in the Apple AppStore alone, under the Travel category. Crowd sourced reviewing has become very popular these days and some buinesses heavily promot these as they can bring in new buiness. I don’t think there is a single restaurant that I have walk into where a Yelp or Trip Advisor sticker was not present at their front door. When traveling, you may have dietary restrictions, specific crazing, desire for a local dish, or just simply lookinging for a place to eat without paying $50 a dish. I will provide some feedback on the app’s that I like to use.

First: Tripadvisor

My personal favorite crowd reviewing app is Trip Advisor. Self-proclaimed as a “website travel company”, offer their users the ability read other users reviews and comments on an establishment. You have the ability to read or rate yourself places like restaurants, airlines, hotels, points of interest, amusement attractions, and much more! When you read reviews, the person who has written the review is a stranger and has no connection to the establishment. So what sets Trip Advisor apart from others, the incredible ease of the mobile app’s UI and the wide acceptance of the tool by users and establishments. Trip Advisor also offers a “$” symbol in increments of 5 to let you know the general price of the establishment. Less “$” symbols mean a cheaper cost to you and $$$$$ means TOP dollar!

Second: Yelp

Are you an iPhone user? If so, this app may be most useful for you as the iPhone Maps application has Yelp build into location searches. This alone can provide useful to users who want a more seamless application integration. Yelp has been around for many years and is also very widely accepted by users and establishments. I personally don’t enjoy the UI of the application and feel as though it’s outdated and not as good as Trip Advisor. Like Trip Advisor, Yelp also has a “$” symbol system to let users know the general cost of the establishment.

Second/Tie: Local Guides – by Google

As Google becomes larger, it seems that have taken an interest in croud source reviewing. If you are a user of Google Maps, this will be the best for seamless application integration because they are both within the same application and both are Google products. When you search a location in Google or Google Maps, the Local Guides reviews appear. This seems to be newer and most places do not have many reviews but its Google and that will for sure change with time.

Third and below: Everything else… enough said. lol





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