Travel saving quick tips

Travel Tip #1

ALWAYS book your flight directly through an airlines website. This is often the only way to accrue mile/point rewards for flights.

Travel Tip #2

My favorite tool for searching flights is

Travel Tip #3

Friday, Sunday, and Monday are often the most expensive days to fly. Cutting your trip down by 1 day or extending your trip by 1 day may save you money on flights due to high demand.

Travel Tip #4

Direct flight options are not always the cheapest when flying internationally. Why? who knows!

Travel Tip #5

Sign up for email notification from airlines to get last minute deals and exclusive offers. Airlines often send emails when they need to fill seats for flights.

Travel Tip #6

Sign up for “price alert” notification via apps like #kayak and #hopper or via email with #googleflights and #priceline. This will ensure you get the best price 😉

Travel Tip #7

Don’t always use miles (points) to book cheap flights (ones that would cost $99 and below), your points will probably be worth more when using miles to book a more expensive or international flight.